Lanie's Wife, Leah, Lanie and Avon

Lanie's Wife, Leah, Lanie and Avon

There is a little fandom that celebrates the relationship of Clarke and Lexa from the television show “The 100”. The ship is lovingly called “Clexa”. The fans of this show were devastated when Lexa was killed unceremoniously by a stray bullet. It was a shitty death scene.

This bold and stupid act by the show sparked a movement that put LGBTQ characters in the spotlight. However, when the spotlight turned on, it couldn’t find any of these characters. A handful were found in movies, another handful in books, a little more were found on television and just a few more in the rest of arts and entertainment. It was a sad realization.

It made Avon think of what was before and beyond the Clexa fandom. In her search, Avon found Willow and Tara from Buffy The Vampire Slayer and they became her One True Pairing.  This inspired her to make a design for Willow and Tara.


One True Pairing

Willow and Tara Design by Avon

In February of 2018, Avon met Lanie in a Facebook group for one of their favorite shows. They only talked a handful of times before they actually met. Lanie instantly knew she meshed with Avon when Avon said to her , “ I have a cricut machine and dreams.” when asked if she worked from home creating her designs. They clicked from the get go and agreed to meet up at Clexacon.

Fast forward to Clexacon 2018. To quote the Clexacon website,, Clexacon is  “The largest multi-fandom event for LGBTQ women & allies. Celebrating LGBTQ women and characters in TV, film, web series, comics, books and more.”

Avon had a vendor table, selling shirts and bags under the Beyond Clexa name when Lanie and her wife came over to introduce themselves. They all talked for a bit and on the second day of the convention, Lanie ended up selling the shirts she made at Avon’s table. The shirts were a huge success, and even caught the eye of the writer of an LGBTQ web series called “Anyone But Me” as her characters Aster and Vivian were listed on the shirt. She ended up bringing over one of the actors, Nicole Pacent, over to meet Lanie. Needless to say, Lanie fangirled a little.


Tina Cesa Ward

Anyone But Me Writer with Lanie


Nicole Pacent

Anyone But Me Actress with Lanie

By the end of the convention almost all the inventory was sold out. It was exhilarating and lots of fun to do.  Lanie and Avon discovered that they both had ambitions to go to other conventions to sell their creations. They began throwing around the idea of doing it together.  

After the convention, they when their separate ways but kept the ideas about going into business together.

Today, they are building their Beyond Clexa brand of original fandom designs and unique custom made products.